blue chilli moves between creating and living music with a passion. It released Sceneries 25 in September 2012, a collection of songs and music that were composed over 25 years. Sceneries 25 has turned out to be a collage of events and sceneries from this time. It is both a social commentary on political events, such as the struggle against Apartheid in South Africa, as well as personal reflections on love and life on three continents. It consists of eight albums that are arranged into thematic clusters. It is a collection of eight albums with 47 songs and two instrumental compositions. The Background to these albums and the lyrics of the songs are presented here.

All music and text was written, performed and arranged by blue chilli. Songs can be purchased online as singles or as an album collection Sceneries 25 on cd-baby at

blue chilli is currently embarking on a collection of cover songs, as well as working on a new album of own compositions.