This album consists of a conglomerate of songs that surpass those of the previous albums in different ways: in style, time, theme or space. Two songs were written recently, one comes from long ago, and the rest was written in South Africa between 2002 and 2004, also a time beyond the Struggle.

Blue Chilli


It started with catchy tune and was supposed to be a song without words, a bit like Take Five, maybe with some shoobidoobidoo, However, during the recording 3 verses with 6 words emerged, and some of the improvised variations to the melody were then used in the choir arrangement. (2010)                              


Be love

Do dreams

Make peace

Blue Chilli


Song you Wear is about understanding, inspired by people in a clinical setting. (1990)


Once upon a view

Your world was wrapped in shadows

Colours and forms were few

Grey were skies and meadows

Once upon a mind

Did you screen your eyes to filter out the light

Once upon a sound

Your world was wrapped in silence 

And tunes could not be found

They were hushed and lost their cadence

Once upon a soul

Did you fail to free the melodies of thought

All I’d really like

Is a little understanding

Of the song you wear


Tell me of your mind

And all its wheels of magic

Spinning round to find

Moons of soil and plastic

Tell me all know

About the spiders and the petals of your soul


Oh tell me of your dreams

The winged ones and the crippled

You’re bursting at the seams

For the weight of time has tripled

You chose silence for so long

It painted shadows on your laughter and your song

Blue Chilli


Not Black or White can be seen as a contemplation about prejudices in general, or specifically about racism. (2010)  


Black White

Black or White White or Black

Black or White Who is right?

White or Black or   Black or White                     

Who is right?

White Black

White and Black Black and White

Black and White Set up to fight

White and Black Black and White

White and Black Both attack

Attack, attack White and Black

Black and White They both fight

White and Black Black and White

The both fight




White and Black

 Black and White

White Black

Black White

Who is right

 Black and White

Set up to fight

White and black

 Both attack

White and Black

Black and White

it’s not

no its not

it’s not black

all the colours are back

it’s not white

you’re not wrong

i’m not right

It’s not black

It’s not white

It’s not black or white

It’s not white or black

It’s not black or white

You’re not wrong, I’m not right

It’s not white and black

All the colours are back



It’s not black and white

We’re not black or white

Blue Chilli


Cassandra was inspired by a conversation about the strong women of the South African Struggle against Apartheid, many of whom seem to be living in a void in the post-Apartheid years. This song is dedicated to them. (2003)



Is a person of mind

Far too strong for her kind

Even her parents did find

Before she sailed on to foreign shores


Sees the world hard and clear

She’s too straight-headed to fear

A natural leader to peers

She fought battles for justice and more


Now the waters have turned

Oppressive views have been burnt

Young blood takes control and acts stern 


But you’re right when you say

We are still far away

From a true Liberation Day


Cassandra’s knowledge

Wears a high price

From all the years of sacrifice

She wants to share her advice

But Struggle ways have drifted apart 


Don’t drum the bitter beat

The strife for Good is never complete

And change can challenge or defeat

We need to embrace it by heart

Blue Chilli


Life is often not worth much, especially in countries plagued by poverty and crime. People are frequently killed when they are robbed or burgled. Body is about assault, looking beyond the perpetrator and the victim, to the onlookers and silent keepers  -  it is about the most basic of human rights. (2002)      


 Anybody body body body body body body….

Was attacked and beaten on the street

Everybody body body body body body body….

Veiled their eyes, pretending not to see

Nobody body body body body body body…

Lacked the fear and sense to interfere

Somebody body body body body body….

Reported just another case of assault

Each body body body body body body…..

Is precious life, for all to prize and protect

Your body body body body body body….

Could be anybody too

Body body body body body body body…..

Blue Chilli


Hear our Song is a prayer that was written in a church. It was particularly inspired by a Bulgarian female choir, that imparted images of strong unwavering women working on fields under harsh conditions - singing. (2002)


Creator of stony fields

And whirling rivers so long

Oh Bearer of Wisdom and Truth

Hear our song, hear our song

Our frail mothers raise our children

Our men are on far away mines

Some of us are temples to the unborn

And some grow illnesses inside

Oh Bearer of Wisdom and Truth

Hear our song


Creator of the jagged hills

And the skies of shadow and of sun

Oh Bearer of Wisdom and Truth

Hear our song

Hear our song 

From the unlit frozen dawn

Until the pale day retreats

We plow, we blister and ache

And we sing, we sing without defeat

Oh Bearer of Wisdom and Truth

Hear our song


Creator of the pounding hearts

And of selves, in hope and soul

Oh Bearer of Wisdom and Truth

Hear our song, hear our song

Blue Chilli


Dancing Star is a love song. During this time there was a lot of media coverage about going into space, which influenced the images of the song. (2002)  


So more than many planets in orbit

All seeking and avoiding the sun

Satin blue galaxies with shiny bits

Each on its own, looking for the One 

There are reflecting planets and misty moons

Meteorites spinning, brief and bright

Some content in their rhythm of noons

Others in struggle with day and night


While satellites and rockets expand spaces

The One may not be, or has gone too far

But sometimes there’s a fusion that embraces

Earth, salt and souls into a star 



It is our undeserved fortune, clearly

That we are blessed to shine together and dance

We should treasure it more than most dearly

Taking it for granted chokes our chance


Just as gravity anchors, it hinders free flight

If we stop dancing, we’ll stagnate and scar

So let’s carve our valleys and build our heights

And continue to be a dancing star 


Blue Chilli


There are no lyrics of Ode to Compassion. Instead, each of the five verses consists of a vowel which represents any of the five continents. It is meant to bridge the cultural, ideological and language barriers by building on what we share and what unites us.         (2004)