4-6 Beneath the Wings

Blue Chilli


Beneath the Wings is about the wonder of a new life. (1996)


Some say you sprung from Mother Earth

Some see you as a present from the sky

Some say you’re made of DNA

While some keep pondering how and why 

Some say you’re an ancient spirit

Of ancestors returning to the world

You may have waited in the deep ocean 

Or beneath the wings of a song bird 

I say you may be all of these

Many more, or none at all

All I know is that I’ll never cease

To wonder about you and life’s call

Much hope and joy it sings

And growth and change it brings

When a little life begins


Some say you are a thought of God 

A gift from the heavens and our dreams

Some think you are a miracle

Others say you were just meant to be 

Some say you are a fruit of love

Of two people one in life, free in being

Others think it’s merely fate and luck

And it’s written in the stars to see