4-4 Bottom of my Heart

Blue Chilli


Bottom of my heart is a song about longing and missing your loved one.


I look for you amongst the flowers

I listen to your favourite songs

I chase after your smell for hours

The nights stand still, the days are long 

I wear your brown leather jacket

I sleep on your side of the bed

I pretend you’ve just gone to the market

I even eat peanut butter on my bread 

For you’re not here


But then I close my eyes and look at you

From the bottom of my heart

And there I see you my soul mate

For our hearts have the same beat 

And I close my eyes to be with you

And even though we are apart

I know you’re there

And you’ll always live

At the bottom of my heart

In my mind we have long conversations

About life, the world and our dreams

I hear your laugh, I see your expressions

But in the mirror there’s only me 

I study all our photo albums 

To relive the moments with you

Your voice on the tape is all worn out now

You’re inside all the things I do

For you’re not here 

And you know I’m there

And I’ll always live

At the bottom of my heart