4-3 Maybe

Blue Chilli


A love song in the early stage of the dance. (1987)


Maybe you had a key

To my garden of tulips and weeds

And maybe you picked some weeds

And watered them to bloom and be

And maybe you planted your seeds 

Of children’s eyes and time and me’s

And maybe we’ll once turn the soil

And maybe we’ll raise a tree


Maybe my song is changing

Key and melody

Changing from the old let-go to a new let-be

And maybe I’m drowning in love’s velvet sea


Rising high on sprayed wave bands

That soon will crush down into shelled sand

But maybe I’ll grow strong and seize

To fight feared waters and me’s

And maybe I’ll once grow free 

And maybe we’ll sail some sea


Maybe we were meant to be

For a time unknown, unforeseen

And maybe there’s nothing more certain

Than this maybe

For maybe believing is knowing

That we may be