These are mainly a selection of love songs and songs for loved ones.

Blue Chilli


Bag of Salt comes from the Afrikaans phrase “eet ’n sakkie sout”, which means having a tough time but  sticking it through. (1989)


You and I, we’ve eaten a bag of salt together

You and I, we’ve eaten it spoon by spoon

Through the winter chills, the lonely nights

Through summer heat, lows and highs

We’ve stretched the clouds to the moon

You and I


You and I, we’ve eaten a bag of salt together

What once was hard has eased along the way

The you-should-be-like-me attitude

Expectations, demands and moods

The weight of sky blew away

From you and I


You and I, we’ve eaten a bag of salt together

Love has shed its frilly perfumed dress

And the future stairs will be steep and cracked

To climb them we’ll still risk our backs

But the fear to fall becomes less

For you and I


Because we’ve eaten a bag of salt


Blue Chilli


This song is a big Thank You to a most wonderful dream maker!   (2003)


Tunnelling a hole towards the sky

Printing feet where snow has fallen white

Peaking where mountains etch the sky

Living a public dream before it runs dry


Chasing visions, catching them still free

Growing them and harvesting the key

Locking them to own for paler days

Discovering them gone before yesterday


Been there, done it, know the how

Missed the turn-off, heading for rewind

Where are the dreams 

That turned the here and now

Into a space of purpose beyond find


A real dream maker lives a fine truth

For dreams are not mere moments of youth

If you believe in what you’ve received

You’ll skip over fears and wield new ideas

To make a dream come true

Blue Chilli


A love song in the early stage of the dance. (1987)


Maybe you had a key

To my garden of tulips and weeds

And maybe you picked some weeds

And watered them to bloom and be

And maybe you planted your seeds 

Of children’s eyes and time and me’s

And maybe we’ll once turn the soil

And maybe we’ll raise a tree


Maybe my song is changing

Key and melody

Changing from the old let-go to a new let-be

And maybe I’m drowning in love’s velvet sea


Rising high on sprayed wave bands

That soon will crush down into shelled sand

But maybe I’ll grow strong and seize

To fight feared waters and me’s

And maybe I’ll once grow free 

And maybe we’ll sail some sea


Maybe we were meant to be

For a time unknown, unforeseen

And maybe there’s nothing more certain

Than this maybe

For maybe believing is knowing

That we may be

Blue Chilli


Bottom of my heart is a song about longing and missing your loved one.


I look for you amongst the flowers

I listen to your favourite songs

I chase after your smell for hours

The nights stand still, the days are long 

I wear your brown leather jacket

I sleep on your side of the bed

I pretend you’ve just gone to the market

I even eat peanut butter on my bread 

For you’re not here


But then I close my eyes and look at you

From the bottom of my heart

And there I see you my soul mate

For our hearts have the same beat 

And I close my eyes to be with you

And even though we are apart

I know you’re there

And you’ll always live

At the bottom of my heart

In my mind we have long conversations

About life, the world and our dreams

I hear your laugh, I see your expressions

But in the mirror there’s only me 

I study all our photo albums 

To relive the moments with you

Your voice on the tape is all worn out now

You’re inside all the things I do

For you’re not here 

And you know I’m there

And I’ll always live

At the bottom of my heart

Blue Chilli


Where Fairy Tales Begin is a contemplation about a seemingly vanished childhood, only to discover the eternal child.  (1995)


Far beyond the winds

Where horizons turn and spin

And fairy tales begin

We all began 

Then my mind was new

Unclouded by any view

And questions they were few

Long ago

We’ve climbed the mountains since

Crossed many river beds

Searched knowledge and lost some dreams

But under the shadows webs

The answers they are few


So take me by the hand

Lead me back to this wonder land

Of magic glitter sand

My sweet child 

Far beyond the wind

Where horizons turn and spin

And fairy tales begin

I return

Blue Chilli


Beneath the Wings is about the wonder of a new life. (1996)


Some say you sprung from Mother Earth

Some see you as a present from the sky

Some say you’re made of DNA

While some keep pondering how and why 

Some say you’re an ancient spirit

Of ancestors returning to the world

You may have waited in the deep ocean 

Or beneath the wings of a song bird 

I say you may be all of these

Many more, or none at all

All I know is that I’ll never cease

To wonder about you and life’s call

Much hope and joy it sings

And growth and change it brings

When a little life begins


Some say you are a thought of God 

A gift from the heavens and our dreams

Some think you are a miracle

Others say you were just meant to be 

Some say you are a fruit of love

Of two people one in life, free in being

Others think it’s merely fate and luck

And it’s written in the stars to see

Blue Chilli


This song brings back to life a beautiful unpublished poem about the tortoise. (2005)


It’s the song of the tortoise 

You once wrote for me

So many years ago

The tortoise is wise 

And stable and free

And no matter where she would go

She’s never without a home

For she carries it with her

Come sunshine or rain

She always has a shelter to stay


It’s the song of the tortoise 

That hums in my core

As we travel spaces and years

For there’s no other home

No place I love more 

But the sanctuary you and I share

I’m never without a home

For I carry you with me

Come sunshine or rain

I always have a shelter to stay


It’s the song of the tortoise  

I now sing to you

My sharer of heart and soul

May it harbour and warm you

Bring comfort, chase blues

And no matter where you would go

You’re never without a home

For you carry me with you

Come sunshine or rain

You’ve always got a shelter to stay

Blue Chilli


Remembrance honours with deep gratitude loved ones who cared, loved, supported and shaped. (2005)


Looking for some spare mirror time

I let the future be untold

Embarking on a fast rewind rhyme

A journey to the past of old

Just for a little while


This space of remembrance 

Reveals more gratitude

Than all the other spaces 

In life’s fast interlude

The ones who blossomed life 

Rejoiced and kept me warm

Those offering their time 

And comfort in the storm

I embrace you into the future


This space of remembrance 

Reveals more gratitude

Than all the other spaces 

In life’s fast interlude

The ones who followed dreams 

And helped to make me strong

Those who endured and shared 

This is your song

I embrace you into the future