These songs either express our affinity to specific places or ponder about feelings of home and belonging. As with the other albums, there is no chronological order to the songs, and they follow each other according to their own interplay.

Blue Chilli


Home is a reflection of having roots, ties and memories in different places. (2001)


Home is where your roots are

The world you saw with little eyes

But home isn’t just a place

It’s a state of mind

It’s like a birds bluest song and a rivers quickest sound

It’s in your heart wherever you go

Home isn’t just a place


Home is smelling memories

Where you grew from born to raised

But home isn’t just a place

It’s a state of heart

It may a windy sunset now or a dear friend’s time tomorrow

Changing colour everyday

Home isn’t just a place


Home is knowing every tree

Where gardens have shrunk in size

But home isn’t just a place

It’s a state of soul

It can grow rootlets anywhere  and spin webs any time

We may be home-bound to the past

But the present scatters our seeds

Blue Chilli


There is a beautiful little village McGregor, about two hours inland from Cape Town, amongst barren hills and rocky valleys. The song is also about the ambivalence, kindness and hope that bind people together. (1991)


Out in the country there’s McGregor, a little place I know

It’s framed in mountains, trees and valleys, a sweet sleepy hollow

Some little cottages with thatch roofs and fruit trees scatter here

Crisp mornings, lazy afternoons when a cool wind sweeps the air

It’s a space of timelessness

Where the city’s rush and stress

Unwinds and quietness prevails

There’s a still dam outside McGregor with little rocky shores

And all the dusty gravel roads make their way to people’s doors

There’s a garden of grass and green

Trickling water and birds singing

It’s a space where I can be gone

But not too long ago McGregor belonged to those people here

Whose families lived for generations on fertile land as heirs

With donkey carts and cows and sheep

On pumpkin and potato fields

They farmed as peasants on their land

But backed up by laws of segregation White’s claimed most of the land

So that the people of McGregor to the one side of town were banned

They now live on tiny property

There’s not enough work, there’s poverty

But McGregor is their home, they will not leave


Yet all the people of McGregor are helpful and they’re kind

A local band brings New Year’s wishes to every door they find

It’s a little village, so old and quaint

Will it change or will it remain

As it’s been for a hundred years


There’s a good feeling in McGregor, a closeness to all things

When days so gently fade to nights then bright stars the dark will bring

There’s a silence that’s listening, a peacefulness in everything

A little place where I can be gone


This little place I know, McGregor 

I’ve come to love so dear

Blue Chilli


No Regrets is about sudden twists of fate, and how we can flow with them.  (1994)


We used to dream about a rose and willow garden

With Japanese maples and sweet Jasmine

So we turned the soil and raised the little seedlings

Put up shields against the autumn winds 

And just when we had it all

Roots were deep, the green stems tall

It all changed, the wild gees flew away

And we were left with nothing except today

Time slips away, the curtains fall

Gone is all but the thought of what we had

The winds of change blow other dreams

Gratefully we move on

With no regrets

We used to dream about a small house and a large rock

In a valley amongst mountains near the sea

So we worked long hours and saved up all our pennies

To build a little home for you and me 

And just when we had it all

A quaint house and a waterfall

The dream time changed from green to red

And our roses turned to butterflies instead


We used dream about all sorts of shapes and colours

And we’ll keep on dreaming until we’re old

And when the season’s change we’ll embrace each other

On our journey without saffron or gold 

For just when we want to hold on

It will twist around and tie us down

Nothing lasts forever and a day

And nobody can ever stay the same

Blue Chilli


The city of Berlin is immensely inspiring - it carries so many contradictions, moving memories and thoughts, innovation and creativity. Berlin features twice: once in Songs of Belonging and once, as a German song, in Songs of Spaces and Walls. (2004)


Berlin, Berlin, du bist Stadt und Welt

Bist grün und grau zugleich

Berlin, Berlin, du spannst dein Lichterzelt

Über alle, die Vielfalt ist reich

Berlin, verbündest Neu und Alt

Vereinst Ost und West mit Gestalt


Berlin, Berlin, du hast schon viel gesehen

Über hunderte Jahre der Zeit

Neben Siegen, der Pracht und dem Reichtum stehen

Die Kriege, Zerstörung und Leid

Du spiegelst das Damals im Jetzt

Und ein Widerspruchszeichen du setzt

Berlin, Berlin

Faschismus und Mord

Die Mauer wuchs fort


eine Mauer fiel


Berlin, Berlin, noch immer wendest du dich

Ein ständiger Wandel ist dein

Für jeden von uns brennt ein Wachstumslicht

Doch Mut muss auch dabei sein

Du rufst und forderst uns auf

Hinterfragt den Gewohnheitsverlauf 

Blue Chilli


Little Blue House is a song about a little wooden house on a small plot with pine trees and a large rock against the Chapmanspeak mountain, built on a tight budget. (1999)


There’s a little blue house in the valley

With its railings in white and with a view

And this little blue house with cobble paving

Was especially made for you and me


It has a stone fire place and a chimney

And the trusses painted blue to see

And our cozy loft bedroom has a balcony

If I stand on my toes I see the sea


And this little blue house has a bay window

Where you can sit while you read the Classifieds

And I think we’ll grow old here together

You and I and our dogs side by side

Blue Chilli


This song is about a great longing, feeling uprooted, missing home and friends.  (1994)


It’s not in my head, it’s not in my shoes

It’s nothing I could win or lose

It’s more like a breeze calling my name

I know it’s the Cape Town Blues

I’ve seen many places of beauty and style

I’ve fallen in love with a few

But when the novelty fades and I need peace for a while

I always get the Cape Town Blues


I’ve met many people, and I’ve made some good friends

On my journey beyond old and new

But it’s those who know me with my African past

I miss most during the Cape Town Blues

Blue Chilli


Shores of Hout Bay is a tribute to this beautiful place. (2002)


Sail high, salt winds of the sea

Hailing some of eternity

From dust to dream, from dream to dawn

The timeless waves roll on and on 

I feel wet sand between my toes

The wind blows my face free of hair

A seagull is shouting as it rides on the wind lows

Sunset spills rouge in the air


Sail high salt wind of the sea

Sail high sweet wind or sail low

Rise high moon tide of the sea, rise high

Rise high sweet tide, or rise low

I don’t know where I’d rather go

     On the brink of an new day

     On a warm midsummers day

     After a rushful cramped up day

     But to the Shores of Hout Bay


Fishing boats crawl and trawl across the bay

There’s fresh Snoek for sale at the docks

The ropes swing and sing against the masts of sail

The tides serve long seaweed on rocks


Sun plays lights and shadows on Chapman’s Peak

The clouds match the mood perfectly

No high-life and promises can ever compete

Hout Bay sea is a tonic for me

Blue Chilli


Haven is dedicated to a beautiful house of wood and glass at the edge of a forest. (2006)


I hear the rain a-falling

He’s drumming rhythms on the panes

I hear the rain 

And inside it is cozy and warm

Right to the finger tips and toes

With our sole comfort wrapped around

Under the beams, the space and sound

It’s a haven, my love, we have found

I smell the sun a-rising

She warms the moss and wakes the leaves

I smell the sun 

And we open up the glass to let her in

And we open up the glass to let her in

And all the songs of birds and trees

Life’s blatantly simple to see

On the verandah of our home

It’s a haven, my love, that’s our own