1-8 Hyena and Lion

Blue Chilli


This song is based on South African Struggle literature, a story called More grim fairy tales, written by E.V. Stone in 1958. (1990)


Deep in the forest once lived Hyena 

And Hyena was crafty and wise

One day whilst roaming he seized a young lion 

For a servant and a hunting device


Hyena trained Lion in obedient submission 

And it proved to be an excellent idea

Lion killed the meals, and Hyena ate them 

Saving Lion from indigestion fear


If Lion had ideas about who was who 

He was reminded of Hyena’s sacrifice

And Lion’s good fortune and means of digestion 

Due to his Master being caring and wise


Though puzzled Lion thought that’s how it must be 

Until one day he overheard Hyena’s wife

She said, is it right that you treat Lion so badly 

Chain him down with bananas as diet


But Hyena replied, you don’t know Lion like I do 

Give him an inch, and he’ll take an ell

The stricter one is the less he’ll be dangerous

For he needs to be treated this way

In fact he wants to be treated this way

Lion began to think that Hyenas were nasty 

But this turned out to be quite untrue

For Lion discovered the taste of Hyena 

So much nicer than bananas and fruit