1-7 Sowing the Wind

Blue Chilli


Sowing the wind is about the hunger for power and was inspired by conversations around  this topic. (1991)


You who have power

You who are men

Deciding what’s ours 

Whilst starving for fame

You who determine 

How we should live

You’re sowing the wind 

And pollute what you give

You who make laws

You who are men

You who use force

While you nobly pretend

That your personal gains

Are salvation to all

You’re sowing the wind

And you build up the walls


You who must lead

You who are men

With bottomless greed 

You’re competing  to win

With sly twists and turns 

And a knife in your back

You’re sowing the wind 

In your ruthless attack


You with ambition

You who are men

You make decisions

About war and peace games

With one empty word 

You destroy and deform

You’re sowing the wind

And we reap the storm