1-6 Not far Away

Blue Chilli


There is a surreal, almost schizophrenic feeling in a breathtakingly beautiful country like South Africa: luscious suburbs with swimming pools under bougainvilleas, sandy beaches and exclusive boutiques; and starving people suffering  just few kilometres further, living in atrocious slums. At the time of this song a petrol warden at the corner garage had just been shot because he insisted that the customer should pay. And life continued as sunny and bright as if nothing has happened, and people continue to wine and dine... (2003)


Sitting on a dark stinkwood chair

Looking over the sparkling bay 

Sipping a glass of chilled rosé

Waiting to be served from the buffet

The waiter puts on his outside smile

And serves herbed muscles for hors d’oeuvre

Soft music mingles with delicious smells

As steaming porcelain plates are served

Not far away

Down in the parking lot

A man walks without shoes

The wind is hard, the tar is hot

As he searches the bins for food


Wondering about New York and Afghanistan

Talking about how people met

Laughing at a couple of lightening jokes

Pardon me, refresh with au toilette 

Touching up the mirror reflection

Looking confident, relaxed and pleased

And ordering espresso without sugar

After chocolate mousse and blue cheese