1-3 Whatever Happened to the Water

Blue Chilli


Whatever Happened to the Water closely followed Trembling Dust. During the Gulf War ideological battles were often polarised: ‘Might is Right’ versus ‘Right is Might’.   (2001)


The trend of the world all along 

Is that might is right

Those who are born to be strong

They grow, protect and fight

And decide who may stand in the light

Or did we get it wrong? 

Strength comes to those from above

Who seek the light Divine

Righteousness is stronger than love

Being right is the true might

Which justifies and sanctions the fight

Or did we get it wrong?


Whatever happened to the water

That gently washed away the rock

 Whatever happened to compassion

To let others be without fear or mock


The world is caught in a twirl

It seems a play of fools

The aim of the game is fake-blurred

Some pawns invent the rules

And the kings spiral into the cruels

Deluded by right and wrong

What is right and wrong?


Those lucky and safe, who can say

Now feel the terror quake 

While those desperate and poor anyway

Face the unbearable stakes

All are victims of the Might-Right debate

All suffering must be wrong