1-2 Trembling Dust

Blue Chilli


Trembling Dust was written shortly after September 11th. It is dedicated not only to the thousands of families and friends in New York who lost their loved ones but also to hundreds of thousands of people and their families who have died in the Gulf War. (2001)


How can the wind still blow

How can the sun just rise

How can the wind just blow 

As if nothing changed, nothing occurred?

How can the waves still roll

How can the rains just fall

How can the waves still roll

When our vision is so painful and blurred?

  Our children’s tomorrow

         Burdened and sorrowed

        Evaporates beneath the trembling dust


In our desparation not to sit but to do

 We scrub all the frail fragments we can find

 Shake them as kaleidoscopes against the neon light

 Untangle good from evil in the night

And we hush the monsters in our souls to sleep

And out of sight


What is peace, where is safety, 

Where is peace, what is safety

The bubble of the promised life has burst

Behind each single crack in our brass-framed mirror glass

Haunt a million eyes of the poor and oppressed

We the rich and powerful, the bunkered middle class

We need to put our conscience to the test

Let’s not be tempted to invent some badies 

And shoot them down East

What is life when there is war

What is war when there is life

And no one can now say they’ve escaped