Blue Chilli

about blue chilli

blue chilli is a mix of music and passion for life in all its shades. One of us (“blue”) writes, performs and arranges the music and the other one (“chilli”) inspires, supports, criticizes and manages it overall.

People, including us, are often at loss to find a fitting genre for the music, also given the wide range of musical, social and geographic influences that have shaped it. Throughout my childhood in Germany and South Africa I sang traditional songs, mostly in two to four part harmony with my mother and her family. At the same time my father exclusively and excessively played classical music at home, and I was doing classical piano, cello and singing in choirs throughout my school years. When I got my first guitar at the age of twelve I also ventured into the amazing folk world of Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Neil Young, Simon and Garfunkel, but also Queen and the Beatles, who amongst others inspired me. From the age of sixteen I then started to write my own songs, and this became my outlet and “working through things” in my teenage years. After finishing school I received a bursary and studied church music in Germany. Whilst I very much enjoyed doing music from dawn to dusk, I realized that I did not want to do it professionally. So since then making music has become my most precious hobby as well as a luxury, since I do not have to earn my living or identity with it. When I later inherited my parents' piano I started to transform my folky guitar songs into piano songs - quite a challenge but lots of fun! Moreover, living in Africa, Australia and Europe, and generally leading a “life on the move” with frequent resettling, has enriched us in many ways. Together these experiences resulted in a musical style that fuses classical and folk music with a touch of blues and jazz and elements of pop... Singer-Songwriter is arguably the only generic label for it.


Over 100 songs have emerged over the last 25 years, and we selected our favorite ones to make 8 albums under the title "Sceneries 25". The eight albums are thematically organized as follows: Songs of Conscience (songs of social justice), Songs of Struggle (songs about the South African anti-apartheid struggle), Songs of Belonging (songs about places where we have lived), Songs of Comfort (love songs and songs for loved ones), Songs of Spaces and Walls (German songs), Songs Beyond (more experimental songs), and two musical journeys, Snapshots in a Time Vacuum (an instrumental piece built around the piano), and Kaleidoscopes (a piano voyage through all the songs). The songs of Sceneries 25 are sampled for listening and can be purchased under cd baby (LINK), Amazon (LINK) or iTunes (LINK) under blue chilli.


Currently we are working on our next project “Five Seasons”, where we create some covers. We select songs of artists that inspire and move us, and record them with our own interpretation and arrangement. The first album “Spring: Songs of Others I” is now complete and the songs can be listened to on this website (LINK). These songs are not for sale. We are also working on a new album with blue chilli songs, and once completed, this album will also be realeased through cd baby.